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Zelman & Hanlon helps an Ohio family find justice when their patriarch is killed

Michael E. Mortiz had a wonderful life. He was a self-made man who had a successful career as an attorney in Columbus, Ohio. After his retirement, he donated $30 million to his alma mater, The Ohio State University, resulting in its law school bearing his name.

In February, 2002, Michael Mortiz and his wife Lou Ann were visiting Naples, Florida. While on their way home from an Ohio State gathering, their car was rear ended by a truck traveling at a high rate of speed. The truck’s driver fled the scene. He claimed to be asleep at home when the accident occurred. His family supported his story. No charges were brought.

More than a year after the accident, the Moritz family hired Theodore Zelman to represent their interests. The family wanted the driver of the truck criminally prosecuted. Zelman & Hanlon pursued a civil suit against the truck owner, alleging he drove his truck and caused the accident. About ten months later, with information developed from the local Sheriff’s office, a private investigator, as well as Zelman & Hanlon, the truck owner was arrested. A Naples Daily News article describing the arrest can be found here:

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