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Bicyclist Awarded $300,000 From Runner For Collision

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2015 | Injuries

In July 2015, a jury in Roanoke, Virginia awarded $300,000 to a bicyclist for injuries she sustained in a collision with a jogger. The incident occurred on a greenway. The jogger and the bicyclist were traveling in the same direction. The jogger was in front of the bicyclist. The jogger made a U-turn into the path of the bicyclist who collided with the jogger. The bicyclist crashed and sustained a significant head injury.

Testimony revealed the jogger was hard of hearing and was not wearing his hearing aids. He testified he did not hear a warning from the bicyclist. However, the jogger did not testify that he looked behind him before making a U-turn.

The lesson here is that serious injuries can occur in bicycle accidents at relatively low speeds and without involvement of a motor vehicle. Be careful.