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Do Not Settle for Less Than What Your Car Accident Case Is Truly Worth

There are many large firms with the primary goal of settling cases quickly. By emphasizing speed and quantity, these firms do not have to worry as much about making sure they are providing their clients with high-quality representation or taking the time and effort to fight for their clients in court. Many clients have the potential to receive a much larger settlement package, but it never happens because their attorneys encouraged them to accept a swift first offer. 

We take a different approach. At Zelman & Hanlon, our biggest concern is not settling as many cases as possible; our biggest concern is getting the best outcome possible for each of our clients, even if that means long, difficult litigation. Our attorneys will be personally involved in your case. Our Naples personal car accident injury attorneys will not encourage you to accept a settlement offer unless it is in your best interests. We will take your case as far as necessary to get you the best financial compensation award possible.

Relevant Experience in Car Accident Litigation

Car accident litigation has been a core part of our practice since we were admitted to practice law. We have both been successful in obtaining large compensation awards for our clients through verdicts and settlements. We have a wealth of experience trying cases and dealing with the issues that arise in complicated car accident cases:

  • Evidence: We have experience dealing with the testimonies of witnesses, police on the scene and medical experts, as well as the physical evidence from the accidents and the procedural issues involved with evidence in civil trials.
  • Causation: We have the experience to handle car accident cases with causes that range from defective road conditions or construction sites, to distracted driving, to drunk driving and excessive speed for adverse weather conditions. In some cases, the accident stems from a manufacturing defect like a tire blowout, faulty braking system or air bag failure.
  • Negotiation: In almost every case, the defendant will make some kind of settlement offer to the plaintiff. Unless you have been through this process before, you will not know whether or not a settlement offer is worth accepting. We have the experience to give you valuable counsel regarding the true value of your case, so you can make smart decisions about the settlement offers that you could face.

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Service | Commitment | Integrity

We handle all our car accident litigation cases with a focus on client-centered, personalized representation and a commitment to achieving the best outcome possible for our clients, while always maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics. To talk with one of our experienced Florida car accident attorneys, call our Naples office or contact us online.

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