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It is the worst fear of many parents: discovering your child has been abused by a day care provider, teacher, or clergy member. As difficult as this time might be for your family, it is important to talk with an attorney as soon as possible to protect the victim.

Our Naples day care sexual abuse lawyers are experienced and well respected for our handling of these sensitive and terribly tragic cases. Clients of Zelman & Hanlon appreciate our professional yet empathetic approach, as well our track record of successful day care abuse and priest abuse cases. We have experience representing clients regarding a wide range of abuse situations:

  • Sexual abuse cases: We have won cases against schools, preschools and religious institutions for various inappropriate behaviors involving children. Physical abuse to children in the educational system: Whether the school is secular, private, or religiously based, children who have been mistreated by their teachers, are entitled to compensation. We can help you by bringing a child abuse claim against the guilty party.
  • Emotional abuse: In schools and day cares, teachers sometimes abuse children, not with their hands or with rulers, but with their words, causing children great emotional turmoil. Your child deserves to be compensated, and the guilty party needs to be made to pay for this abuse. We can help.


Child sexual abuse cases — whether they involve teachers, staff members or religious authority figures, or other students — bring unspeakable tragedy to the child and the parents. We cannot turn around the terrible event that has happened to your family, but we can help you obtain compensation to help your family recover. We can also bring justice to this situation. We have a great deal of experience handling this type of case. Contact us to discuss your rights and options with an experienced, compassionate attorney.

  • Elder abuse: The elderly are dependent upon their caregivers in much the same way as children are dependent upon their teachers and child care providers. Elders are often unable to defend themselves against nursing home neglect, abuse or financial exploitation.

Z&H is committed to assisting victims of abuse by a Boy Scout Troop leader or an adult involved with a Boy Scout Troop. Abuse has been known to occur at overnight stays in a troop leader’s home, or during an event with other troop members.

Child Abuse and Elder Abuse Cases We Have Handled Include:

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We provide exceptional representation for our clients, backed by a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all that we do as attorneys. We have more than 60 combined years of legal experience. To talk about your case with an experienced Florida child abuse litigation attorney in a free and confidential setting, call our law firm office or contact us online.

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