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Dangerous Roads

When two automobiles collide, the negligent of a driver is generally required to compensate the other driver for damages and injuries. But what happens when road conditions, not another driver causes the accident?

At Zelman & Hanlon, we have a wealth of experience representing people who have been injured in an accident caused by dangerous roads in Florida. Our Naples dangerous roadways attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover from your injuries, lost work and property damage.

Causes of Roadway Accidents

We can represent you if you have been in a car accident caused by:

  • Improper road striping: When centerlines and crosswalks are not properly marked, it increases the chance of drivers not knowing that someone is crossing the street, causing pedestrian accidents.
  • Poor maintenance: When the municipality allows cracks or potholes in the streets to go unattended, it often causes tire blowouts or other accidents.
  • Improper drainage: Sometimes municipalities do not provide for proper drainage, which causes flooding in the roadways. The result is an increase in car accidents due to drivers losing control on flooded streets.
  • Construction: There are strict legal requirements for how road construction is supposed to be handled by the construction crews on site. Failure to follow these requirements leads to increased risk of Florida car accidents and truck accidents.
  • Advanced warning: One of the most dangerous aspects of roadway construction occurs when drivers are unaware that construction is happening. When new roads are under construction, the companies involved needs to provide some kind of advanced warning, from adequate road markings to alerting motorists ahead of time to the necessary signs.

We handled a case recently in which there was no flagman at a construction site. There was no warning for the driver that construction was taking place. We do everything we can to obtain compensation for the injuries that can result from this type of oversight.

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In every case we handle, we focus on providing our clients with exceptional legal service, a deep commitment to obtaining the best outcome possible for our clients and unwavering ethical integrity. To discuss your case with one of our Naples construction site car accident lawyers, either call our Florida law firm office or contact us online.

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