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Florida Attorneys ∙ Experienced Insurance Dispute Negotiators

When individuals and business entities purchases insurance policies, they expect that they will be compensated in the event that they suffer the damages for which they purchase the insurance. However, insurance policies are contracts, and disputes can arise over the fine print and varying interpretations of the language.

If you are part of an insurance dispute, or a lawyer handling a case with an insurance dispute component, we can help. The Florida lawyers of Zelman & Hanlon, have more than 60 combined years of experience helping businesses, individuals and insurance companies resolve their policy disputes.

Florida Insurance Disputes ∙ A Wide Variety of Legal Issues

Insurance claims can arise in many different contexts. For example, disputes can arise between two individuals over which party’s insurance company is liable for damages, between two insurance companies or between an individual and an insurance company regarding policy exclusions, delay in payment and non-payment.

Our Naples insurance dispute attorneys have experience handling all types of issues and cases, including:

  • Individual policyholder claims disputes: One of the most frequent types of insurance dispute involves an individual policyholder making a claim that the insurance company is not honoring. Sometimes this comes down to exclusions, varying interpretations of the terms of the policy, late payment or other delay tactics used by insurance companies.
  • Personal injury: Dog bite cases, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip-and-fall cases often lead to insurance disputes.
  • Between businesses: When costly accidents or incidents arise, businesses often dispute over which business’s insurance policy will cover it.
  • Between insurance companies: Just as individuals and businesses dispute who is liable for an accident, insurance companies do the same.

Lingering disputes and protracted litigation rarely help a company’s bottom line, so we focus on finding efficient resolutions, using negotiation instead of litigation whenever possible.

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We provide our clients with exceptional legal representation, marked by client-centered service and a commitment to always achieve our clients’ goals while always maintaining the highest degree of integrity in the practice of law. Either call our Florida law firm office or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with one of our Naples insurance dispute attorneys from our firm.

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